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Security for distributed devices and data
  • How much do you
    trust your Endpoint?

    Evaluate your endpoints' compliance and trust score in real-time using Shepherd (coming soon...)

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End-Users and Endpoints are the Weakest Links
in the Cybersecurity Chain

We disagree! With Shepherd, you can assess your endpoint’s security posture

and implement recommended actions to harden its security in real time.

Shepherd enables defense-in-depth and provides deep observability in the

security posture of your endpoints. All at the endpoint, in near real-time!

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Stay Ahead

Move Over ‘Reactive’ Defense

Adopt a proactive, ML -based defense for your devices and data with minimal manual intervention.

Say No To Sluggish Endpoints

Unlike existing solutions, we take up a smaller fraction of the resources to deliver performant defense in real time.

Embrace A Culture of Assurance

Allow our automation to protect your devices and data as you focus on your core comptencies

Anter Virk

Serial Technology Entrepreneur
PGDM - IIM Ahmedabad

Dilawar Singh

Ph.D. Computational Neuroscience - NCBS Bangalore, Masters in VLSI Technology

Mohan Gandhi
Principal Advisor

Serial Cybersecurity Entrepreneur
PGDM - IIM Ahmedabad

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