How Much Do You Trust Your Endpoint?

With our ‘Habituation Neural Fabric’ based endpoint security platform, you can observe and manage the Trust Score of your endpoints in real-time!

End-Users And Endpoints Are The Weakest Links In The Cybersecurity Chain

Not anymore! With our Trust Score, you can assess your endpoint’s security posture and implement recommended actions to harden its security in real-time.

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Stay ahead

We build intelligent systems capable of making “crude but fast decisions” on their own without relying on the cloud. We focus on applications where the speed of decisions is so important that some accuracy can be sacrificed for it. For example, edge devices and IoT where the silicon budget is limited. We provide intelligence proportional to the silicon budget.

Stay ahead of the bad guys by detecting new and unknown threats.
Protect your business from cyberattacks that use novel tactics.
Keep your data safe with early detection of any malicious activity.

Combining Neuroscience, AI, Cybersecurity, and Venture Expertise

Anter Virk, CEO

Serial Technology Entrepreneur,
PGDM- IIM Ahmedabad

Dilawar Singh, CTO

Ph.D. Computational Neuroscience - NCBS Bangalore,  Masters in VLSI Technology - IIT Bombay.

Mohan Gandhi, Principal Advisor

Serial Cybersecurity Entrepreneur,
PGDM - IIM Ahmedabad

We’re Backed By

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We’re always looking for people with a keen interest in deep tech and a drive to solve complex business problems through technology. We currently work with Filesystems, Network, OS, Distributed Systems, Observability (eBPF), TinyML, and Rust. If any of this resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you.

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