Use a password manager to be safer online

It is common practice for most of us to use a single password for all of our online activities. It is the most convenient method for you to deal with multiple logins. However, do you know who else finds it more convenient? A cyber-criminal.

Written by Freya Fannie

Illustrated by Megha Ramachandra


Imagine having a single key that unlocks all the locks?. Now consider the second scenario, in which you have different passwords for each of your accounts. Surely you can’t remember all of those. You either copy and paste or manually type them out on your keyboard, right? This is also not safe. Through malware and keylogging, a cybercriminal can read your password. You don’t ever want to store your password in a readable form on your computer.

One solution is to never save passwords on your computer. You write them down on paper and use them to remember the password. That is a good practice, but it is inconvenient. Can you have security while avoiding the hassle of looking for the password on paper? Use as a password manager.

What are password managers?

A password manager can be of great assistance to someone who struggles to remember all of their passwords for all of their accounts and websites. Especially for work, you will need more than 100 different passwords for efficient security says the 2017 report from LastPass. Our ability to remember passwords as humans is solely dependent on our memory, and to be fair, the average person cannot remember 100s of passwords unless you are exceptionally gifted. The solution is to identify the best password manager for you and your company. Password managers can generate strong, encrypted passwords automatically which protects a device from major cyber threats. The most intriguing aspect of it is that it does not store your passwords, making hacker breaches futile.

Why do you need a password manager?

Password managers can make your passwords more secure than you can make them on your own. Despite its incredible storage and security features, many people refuse to use it, and even more, are unaware of its benefits. This statement is described in detail by a study conducted by Karen Renaud and Verena Zimmermann called Encouraging password manager use. Their experiment revealed that people who used password managers had stronger passwords than those who did not. Here are some good password managers and their details on our Notion page.


Awareness and rapid adoption are what we need to be more secure and safer from the cyber threats that arise every day. The use of a password manager is one of the many steps you can take to ensure your safety and stability in the modern digital age.

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